PreSight Capital is the international venture investment arm of Christian Angermayer’s Apeiron Investment Group Ltd. managing both internal and external capital. We are headquartered in Malta with offices in New York City and London. The fund is managed by Collin Gage and Fabian Hansen.


PreSight leverages global its global network by making co-investments with renowned venture capital funds. The predominant investment strategy centers around software, machine learning applications, and biotechnology throughout all stages of investment. Our limited partners are – additionally to Apeiron as the main LP – primarily high net-worth entrepreneurs and investors, who contribute their respective network and experience.


Our core values have been built upon being a reliably strong entrepreneurial partner for outstanding founders. Apeiron and its fellow LP’s are committed to supporting our portfolio companies through our international network, and long history of entrepreneurial experience.


We want to be the partner our founders call first when achieving important milestones, as well as when encountering roadblocks. The PreSight team and our curated group of LP’s will always keep the interests of our founders first.

PreSight Capital Ltd.
48 Stella Maris Street, SLM 1765 Malta